TSIHM is a unique styled building with a very attractive design and abundant ventilation. The classrooms and Labs are designed in such a way that they get in maximum natural light and air. The corridors open into atrium which is filled with greens, thus creating an eco friendly environment which aids better teaching and learning.



This is the kitchen where students learn the basics of cooking; the Lab is equipped with 12 individual stations. Each station comprises of equipment, utensils, sink and storage space. The lab is equipped with the latest sophisticated equipment required for training the students.


This is a kitchen where students are taught and trained to cook on large quantities. As per the need the lab is equipped with bulk cooking ranges and equipment. Not only during practical but also  students cook food in this kitchen during events and parties in the institute.

Advance Training Kitchen

In this Kitchen students learn to cook specialized delicacies. Students are trained to cook International Cuisine such as Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai and others.

Mock room

The Mock room represents a typical room in a five star Hotel. The design, layout, furniture and fixtures will give an exact idea for a student on how a room looks in a Luxury Hotel. The room is also used to train the students on cleaning the room, bed making, placing the room supplies and amenities.

Front Office

The Front Office Lab resembles the Lobby in a five star Hotel, the reception counter and various desks. This Lab is used to train the students on Check in, check out, Telephone handling skills, Reservations and customer queries and complaints.  Students will learn the Front office activities through Role Play.  For the practice of the students the institute offers hands on experience on the latest software used in the Hotels


TSIHM facilitates a well equipped Library which stocks a host of books on Hospitality, Tourism and Management. The books collection represents various Authors which enables students to refer to different books and delve deep into the subjects.

Computer Lab

The computer Lab has 30 computer systems. Here the students are trained on using various software and thus enhance their computer proficiency.

Student dining hall

The students dining hall is a facility where working Lunch is served to the students. The food served to the Students in the dining hall is cooked by the students during their practical.

Boys Hostel

Girls Hostel

TSIHM offers a separate Hostel for Boys and Girls. The Hostel offers rooms with furniture, comfortable to stay and study. Safe and secured environment with hot and cold water bath. 24 hrs Wi-Fi for the students to refer to information online for education and learning purpose. Hygienic and nutritious food.

Training Bar & Restaurant



Fruit Garden

Housekeeping Lab

The Housekeeping Lab enables students  to understand the various cleaning equipment used in the cleaning purpose and also will have a hands on experience cleaning the various areas , thus can become good Housekeepers. A well equipped Laundry enables students to learn the process of Laundry process in a Hotel.


Bakery is an outlet where the students are trained to bake various bread rolls, pizza, muffins, tarts pastries and cakes.